A private rhino owner has a family, they have a job and they have children to take care of.

99% of private rhino owners will tell you that this is NOT a profitable business. It is not even a business for them in the slightest. They do it for the love of these animals. They are selfless. They give their days and nights assuring that these animals are kept safe.

An average person’s day consist of going to work, coming home, having supper with their family and maybe relaxing before they go get into bed and have a full nights rest.

A private rhino owners day consists of worrying about their animals, constantly checking groups to see if there are no incidents, phoning their rangers to make sure that they have eyes on their rhino, having to make and receive calls about any rhino relevant information and still trying to do their job. They come home at night to their family to have supper and 9 out of 10 times they will still go out into the field to a do a patrol. They go to bed with their rhino on their mind and are constantly praying for the safety of their animals.

A rhino weighs 2000 kg  – now just imagine having to carry that on your shoulders. That is a lot of stress, and although a rhino weighs a whopping  2000 kg they carry this in their hearts as well.

When a rhino owner is asked why they do it they will answer with something along the lines of “I love them, I care for them and I have an immense passion for them”. They just care for that individual animal so much.

Rhino owner, the average citizen and the rhino have something in common – we all have a family. we all have our habits, we all have our social groups and we all have our routines.

Gala 2018

On the 26th May 2018, we will host our 2nd Black Tie – Auction & Fundraising Event at the Fusion Boutique Hotel – Suid Street, Polokwane.

Includes a three course meal, entertainment from one of South Africa’s leading artist, Liezel Pieters.

The evening will include an auction to raise funds for Rhino Protection under Private Rhino Custodianship.

100% of profits are used towards rhino protection ! (No admin fees, salaries etc)