Protection of Rhinos

Limpopo Rhino Security Group based in the Limpopo Province as the name suggests – protects 350 rhinos on different properties.


  • We do not advocate trade or non trade We have only ONE OBJECTIVE ….. SAVE THE RHINOS!
  • Establishing an effective proactive and reactive support network
Each property manages their own security but we work together as a team gathering intel and offering incident and tactical support.
  • Pro active counter poaching operations.
  • Increased farm security and general awareness of surrounds.
  • Effective response time from the SAPS rhino task team.
  • Dedication from everyone in the group. (Governmental and Private)
  • Team work.
  • Effective co-ordination and implementation of resources.
  • Intelligence co-ordination.
  • Support system.
PROTECTING RHINO: How do we protect our rhino?
  • Employing armed guards
  • Upgrading fencing (electric fences, motion detection cameras etc)
  • Joint operations with local authorities
  • Liaise with law enforcement agencies and conduct preventative operations.
  • Patrols (Aerial, vehicle, foot)
  • Training of anti poaching staff
  • Training of tracker dogs
  • Staff payments
  • Informant fees
  • We are raising funds to purchase a Bat Hawk - for Aerial Patrol
  • We are raising funds to purchase a vehicle for ground patrols and establish an emergency response team to counter any threats to the rhinos in our area.
  • Anti-poaching Sign boards in the area.
  • Team work
  • Monthly meetings to discuss progress, new ideas & past incidents.