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About LRSG

IMG_3726LRSG – was started by a group of committed rhino owners. It all started one overcast November morning in 2014 – Insimbi & a heavily pregnant Shambula lie lifelessly in the red African sand, both have been butchered for their horn ….

All members of LRSG are custodians of rhinos and are on the forefront of the war against rhino poachers. We are on the ground fighting, we come face to face with poachers, risk our lives, risk our families to protect this beautiful animal.

The cost of protecting small populations of rhinos is, however, enormous and, in some cases, can discourage landowners from having rhinos on their land. We invest a lot of time and finances into protecting “our future generation’s” rhino, spending fortunes on electrified fencing, armed security guards, camera’s and tactical equipment.

LRSG has established a close relationship with local authorities, South African Police, local communities, rhino specialists, rhino security companies and media. Without their help we would not have the success rate that we have experienced. 82% drop in rhino poaching cases in our area in the last 6 months.

This boils down to team work, gathering of intel and true passion and dedication from each and every person involved in LRSG. South Africa is custodian of approximately 19,000 white rhinos in South Africa, with approximately 20% of this number in private ownership. With
approximately 5.27% owned by LRSG private owners

With the increase in rhino poaching since 2008, private rhino owners have come under increasing pressure to protect their rhinos.

Anonymous quote from a Private Rhino Owner

“The tears flow as sadness, helplessness and desperation engulfs me…. the stench is horrific, the vultures have already plucked our their eyes – a moment of complete sadness and disgust at our own species. But I turn around, wipe the tears and declare war! Declare war on all poachers & users of rhino horn! The need to protect “our” rhinos overwhelmed me. This is the seed that started “Limpopo Rhino Security Group”.